Draftkings Partners With Resorts In Atlantic City

The launch is set for August 2018 as Resorts will make way for Draftkings to set up shop at the longest-tenured casino in New Jersey. Draftkings CEO Jason Robbins indicated that they were all-in and ready to bring NJ gamblers full access to the exciting features of their service. Users can now access their platform from the internet and from their physical sports betting section right inside Resorts Casino. Draftkings is growing at a rapid rate and will attract thousands of users from the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland. Fanduel is expected to follow suit and team with Betfair in the coming months which will create some healthy competition within the city.

Draftkings allows users to enter contests, either free or cash, and offers big payouts to the top winners. Draftkings offers head-to-head matches, 50-50’s (top half win cash no matter the amount of entries), Double ups (users double their entry fee), and more! They even have contests modified for new players that only include other novice players. Draftkings accepts all major credit card companies along with paypal. The withdrawal options were normally limited to paypal or check, but now that draftkings has a physical presence coming to Atlantic City we can expect members to claim their earnings at the Resorts Casino Cage.

Contests are comprised of daily lineups with a standard salary limit that can not be exceeded. Player salary is determined by performance and player compensation is not weighed as heavily on. In other words, players that are worth more than they are valued at can win you some big money! Using vegas odds and correlating players are some other techniques that can give you a slight advantage. Ultimately, the key is to find a player that no one would think of drafting and project a big game due to a possible injury or poor play from the usual starter.Not to mention you would need solid play from every one of your players in order to win the life-changing money. Easy, not exactly but that’s what makes it fun and exciting at the same time!

Players can now bet on the games via Draftkings and enjoy watching them unfold right from the same area. Visitors can receive double the winnings from two different streams in one location! This partnership is certainly an innovative move that is going to attract a lot of competition looking for a share of this huge market. Atlantic City has been in a downward spiral for years but this recent move should bring plenty of job opportunities back to the city. Atlantic City hopes to revive some of it’s glitz and glamour of the 80s and this may be a step in the right direction moving forward.

NJ State officials are pleased with the supreme court’s recent ruling that individual states can now allow sports betting accordingly. New Jersey can benefit from the high taxes they can place on this income which will give them a much needed boost to their economy. As the gambling industry expands, diversity will start to breed with other industries that surround AC. Everything is in place for an overall upswing for NJ!. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.